Christian Surfers Mexico

A Christian presence in the surfing community

Who is Christian Surfers Mexico?

We are part of the Christians Surfers International movement and the following oultines their vision, goals & values that we agree with and seek to carry out.


To be a Christian presence and witness to the world surfing community in Mexico.


  1. Evangelise the surfing communities of the world.
  2. Serve the local church world wide by providing a bridge between the church and the beach.
  3. Network Christian Surfers missions world wide and thus provide a mission niche for surfers.

Core Values

We are evangelistic in intent and evangelical in flavor, by which we mean majoring on the centrality of Christ, the priority of the gospel, the authority of the Bible.
We are mobilising surfers to reach surfers using their surfing. We are an authentic surfing movement. We are showing how our surfing is submitted to Christ as a servant not a master.
All our local missions are partnerships with supportive local churches where they exist and we seek to be interchurch in leadership and accountability. We also form partnerships with other ministry groups.
We are integrated in the local surfing community and we create a Christian community to minister out of. This requires long-term commitment to ministry.
We believe the Kingdom of God changes individual surfers lives and then the surfing cultures they belong to.
We have ministry based on relationships of trust earned by service as key to all ministry and leadership. We believe servanthood is a key to leadership.
We are mobilizing and empowering ordinary volunteers and helping them fulfill their potential with staff assistance. Our mission allows for bottom up initiatives.
We are called to the world surfing community and will seek to facilitate surfing outreach to every surfing nation. We are also an international family of missions committed to the common good.