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Puerto Escondido

Bodyboard or Surf Mexpipe

The best place to surf or bodyboard in Mexico is always done in Puerto Escondido – where the infamous beach break of the mexican pipeline can be found.

The small fishing port in Southern México is the home of the world famous surfing beach Zicatela. This is where the even more famous wave of Mexpipe can be ridden.

When you go to Puerto Escondido make sure you drop by the great cafes that are built right on the beach.

When you get a to surf the Zicatela beach break (or other great local (less publicised) surf spots), surfing photographers will probably be there taking GREAT SURFING PHOTOS of you and the others – which you can buy for a good price later that day. also has heaps of photos and comments from those surfing tourists who have been to Puerto Escondido.

And above all, if you do get to “Puerto”, make sure you stop by the Squalo Surf Shop and get some surf gear that will last years.

Puerto Escondido in Mexico

In 1928 the town of Puerto Escondido was established as a port for shipping coffee, but the area has been inhabited by indigenous populations for centuries.

Since the 1960’s it has been connected to other coastal towns by Highway 200 and is about a 12 to 14 hour bus ride away from Mexico City (best done overnight).

There is now an airport that caters for international conncetions making quick travel easier.

Tourists began discovering the town and surfers found its beautiful beaches and great waves.

Puerto Escondido’s importance as an export port lessened as the coffee shipments changed to truck transportation instead of boat. The little port does still continue to support commercial and sport fishing activities.

Now a days, Puerto Escondido is a home for fishermen, surfers, vacationers, and an eclectic expatriate community.

The large waves of the Zicatela beach break put this wave into the top ten surfing destinations.

It is a great place to visit or live. Get a custom quality surfboard shaped by Ody who is located at La Punta.